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Mizuno, with over 100 years of sporting history and a reputation for the finest quality sporting goods, is now a Founding Partner of the UK Ekiden.

“A Japanese sports brand such as Mizuno is integral to our event and we wholeheartedly support their philosophy to spread the value of sports in everyday life. Mizuno says how important it is to contribute to making people around the world happy through the power of sports. What a partner!”

Anna Dingley, Founder of UK Ekiden

“As a Japanese brand with a long and distinguished sporting heritage, Mizuno is very excited to become a founding partner of Ekiden UK, the first such event to be staged on UK shores. Mizuno’s association with Ekiden relays stretches back years, so to re-establish that connection will be a proud moment. We relish the opportunity to work alongside some other illustrious brands in creating a memorable event by demonstrating our passion for running and showcasing our premium running products”

Graham Johnson, ミズノ株式会社 UK

We will look forward to sharing more stories from Mizuno over the coming weeks and months in the run up to UK Ekiden.



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