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YuLife a Founding Partner of FT Nikkei UK Ekiden

YuLife, committed to transforming insurance into a life-enhancing and wellbeing experience, is proud to announce their role as a founding partner of the FT Nikkei UK Ekiden. Their principles align perfectly with the Ekiden relay concept, where individuals strive to perform at their best for the team (and successfully hand over the tasuki or sash), an act that is truly inspiring for both participants and spectators alike.

We are delighted that our team is participating in this year’s FT Nikkei UK Ekiden. As a company that values and rewards exercise and all forms of wellbeing, we’re looking forward to increasing our step counts and having lots of fun while doing so. Having recently expanded into the Japanese market, we have learned a great deal from our partners and colleagues about the cultural significance of the Ekiden, and we are grateful to the team at Dai-Ichi for encouraging us to take part.

Sammy Rubin, CEO and Founder, YuLife

“We’re excited to bring our colleagues and partners at YuLife on board to participate in the FT Nikkei UK Ekiden for the first time. Through working closely with YuLife for a number of years, leading the company’s latest funding round and supporting the rollout of its award-winning offering in Japan, we have truly valued the company’s commitment to innovation and creativity. We hope that the YuLife team enjoys the FT Nikkei UK Ekiden and look forward to running and partnering with you to build a brighter and more secure future.”

Jun Okazaki, Managing Director, Dai-ichi Life International (Europe) Limited

“We are delighted to welcome YuLife as one of our Founding Partners. Their strong commitment to enhancing each individual’s well-being is inspiring. I am confident that together, through this event, we can make a positive impact on runners, volunteers, spectators, and all the people who are involved”.

Anna Dingley, Founder, FT Nikkei UK Ekiden

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