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About the first year

We are launching the UK Ekiden in 2024, inspired by the world famous Hakone Ekiden which celebrated its 100th event in January 2024.

The race will start in Oxford and finish in Windsor, a beautiful 72 mile route along the Thames Path on Monday, 24th June, 2024.


8am at the Voco Spires Hotel Oxford, right on the Thames Path.

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The route

Here’s our draft course map (subject to minor adjustments).

Runner at the Hakone Ekiden in a green outfit and wearing a tasuki sash

Tasuki sash handover points

Start: Voco Spires Hotel, Oxford
Stop 1: Abingdon
Stop 2: Little Wittenham
Stop 3: Wallingford
Stop 4: Goring
Stop 5: Purley
Stop 6: Sonning
Stop 7: Henley-on-Thames
Stop 8: Marlow
Stop 9: Maidenhead
Finish: Windsor

The route in detail

The inaugural FT Nikkei UK Ekiden begins in Oxford, following a route to Windsor along the Thames Path.

Click the links in the table below to view the Ride with GPS data.

 0800 dept – Estimated Arrival Time
LegStart PointFinish PointDistance (km)Elevation (m)4 km avg4.30km avg5km avg5.30km avg
Leg 1OxfordAbingdon13.23708.5208.5909.0609.12
Leg 2AbingdonLittle Wittenham148609.4810.0210.1610.29
Leg 3Little WittenhamWallingford9.53210.2610.4511.0311.21
Leg 4WallingfordGoring11.14611.1111.3511.5912.22
Leg 5GoringPurley on Thames11.16311.5512.2512.5413.23
Leg 6Purley on ThamesSonning12.26512.4413.1913.5514.31
Leg 7SonningHenley-on-Thames13.89413.1914.2215.0415.45
Leg 8Henley-on-ThamesBisham Abbey14.36214.3615.2616.1617.05
Leg 9Bisham AbbeyMaidenhead13.94315.3216.2817.2518.22
Leg 10MaidenheadEton10.32916.1317.1518.1719.18

Want to dig even further into the details?

We’ve put together a comprehensive Runner Information pack for teams and spectators.


Brocas Field, next to Eton Bridge.

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Start and finish times

8am Oxford
Between 3-8pm Windsor

Team Categories Racers and Runners

To be authentic to the Ekiden spirit, FT Nikkei UK Ekiden is more akin to a race than a fun run. However, we do understand that there will be a mix of abilities. To accommodate this, we will have 2 categories of teams:

  1. Racers: 5 women, 5 men. Any University entry has to be in this racing category.
  2. Runners: Any mix of runners.
There will be prizes for the winners of each category, and also small prizes for the fastest runner of each leg.

Food and drink supply

Water and snacks will be available at each handover point. There will be a venue booked nearby where tea/coffee and snacks will be available for the runners once they have finished their leg of the event.


At leg registration, all runners will be given two luggage tags to tie to their own luggage. The first piece of luggage will be for the start bag they are leaving behind at the start location. The second tag will be for the bag they are collecting at the finish of their leg. Each team member will need to collect another team member’s bag at some stage of the relay.

See page 17 of the Runner Information pack.

Any more questions?

We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions below.


We will be launching a volunteers registration website soon.

Please check back for more details.

About the Thames Path

The Thames Path is a long distance walking trail, following England’s best known river for 185.2miles (298 km) as it meanders from its source in the Cotswolds through several rural counties and on into the heart of London. On its way the Trail passes peaceful water meadows rich in wildlife, historic towns and cities and many lovely villages, finishing in Woolwich just a few miles from the sea.

Visit Walk the Thames and the National Trails website for more information.

Join us on 24th June, 2024
The inaugural FT Nikkei UK Ekiden has begun!


If a runner misses the coach transfer, they will need to make their own way to the start of their running leg. The coaches will leave promptly at the designated times. Please arrive promptly.

Cut of times have been placed for legs 4 & 7.

The coaches will wait for all runners to finish the leg before it departs and drives to the next pick-up location, and finally onto Windsor finish.

If you don’t wish to wait for the final runner on a leg to finish, you are allowed to make your own travel arrangements at the end of the leg. If you do leave the event, not on the coach provided, we request that you make our staff aware that you no longer require the coach and that you are leaving the event.

The Thames Path terrain varies throughout, and every runner will encounter tarmac at some stage of running leg. For this reason, it is not advisable to wear spikes.

Water and snacks will be available at each handover point. There will be a venue booked nearby where tea/coffee and snacks will be available for the runners once they have finished their leg of the event.

For all runners there will be shower vouchers available to use at the Sir Christopher Wren Hotel, and food vouchers available for use at the Cote restaurant.

If you live far from Oxford then we recommend staying the night of 23rd June to ensure you arrive in time, with no additional stress.

You are welcome to make your own arrangements, or if you’d like to stay at the start hotel we have a group booking at a discounted rate for teams. Please contact info@ukekiden.com or your team representative for more details.

If you withdraw during the race you will need to make Event Control aware of your withdrawal. The runner due to run the next leg will be informed of the teammates withdrawal and will proceed with a green Tasuki. It will be the responsibility of the teammate who withdrew to make the rest of the team aware of their withdrawal. Staff at the next leg will be informed and will set the next runner off.

Yes. The distance and elevation table are linked to the planned route on the day of the event. Runners are encouraged to recce the route before the event date to familiarise themselves with the area and terrain.

At each handover location there will either be a village hall, cricket club or venue booked for the runners to wait in. There will be toilet facilities inside the venue along tea/coffee and snacks whilst you wait. The facilities are limited, and showers are not available until the end of the event.

It will be your responsibility to ready yourself in time to greet your teammate in the handover point.

We would advise that you leave it with a teammate. There isn’t a luggage vehicle to support the runners throughout the event.

We advise runners to bring clothing for all weather conditions, and to regularly check weather apps for updates on the conditions.

If you wish to change runners after they have completed the registration process, please contact info@ukekiden.com and advise them of the change.

No. Runners are only able to run one leg of the race.

Want to dig even further into the details?

We’ve put together a comprehensive Runner Information pack for teams and spectators.

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