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Tom Gregory, Event Manager: +44 (0)7874 874545

Emergency Services: 999/112

UK Ekiden Safety Briefing

The route in detail

The inaugural FT Nikkei UK Ekiden begins in Oxford, following a route to Windsor along the Thames Path.

Click the links in the table below to view the Ride with GPS data.

 0800 dept – Estimated Arrival Time
LegStart PointFinish PointDistance (km)Elevation (m)4 km avg4.30km avg5km avg5.30km avg
Leg 1OxfordAbingdon13.23708.5208.5909.0609.12
Leg 2AbingdonLittle Wittenham148609.4810.0210.1610.29
Leg 3Little WittenhamWallingford9.53210.2610.4511.0311.21
Leg 4WallingfordGoring11.14611.1111.3511.5912.22
Leg 5GoringPurley on Thames11.16311.5512.2512.5413.23
Leg 6Purley on ThamesSonning12.26512.4413.1913.5514.31
Leg 7SonningHenley-on-Thames13.89413.1914.2215.0415.45
Leg 8Henley-on-ThamesBisham Abbey14.36214.3615.2616.1617.05
Leg 9Bisham AbbeyMaidenhead13.94315.3216.2817.2518.22
Leg 10MaidenheadEton10.32916.1317.1518.1719.18
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